Bikers burn tires for Bailey

Taylor Bailey's friends and family cheer as bikers take off on a ride in honor of the late teen

/ Colby Gallagher

Dozens of motorcycles revved their engines before taking off on a ride to honor the life of Taylor Bailey, who was killed after falling off the trunk of a moving car, and teach others about the safety involving vehicles.

"When you get behind the driver's seat of a car, you are responsible for what's inside and outside of that vehicle," said Taylor's mom, Dana Bailey.

Friends, family, and even strangers showed up at Power Sports Plus Sunday afternoon to raise money for Taylor's remaining bills and bring the community together during a tough time.

"We are always trying to help our community and it makes us feel real good to do what we do," said Mike Mobley, owner of Full Torque, a bike club in Leesburg who showed up for today's event.

Taylor's family is amazed at the outpouring of support shown and says kids should celebrate being young but also grow to be adults.

"We're here to make the community aware and the teenagers aware that they're not invincible. Things happen," said Taylor's aunt, Melissa Spriggs.

The unexpected can happen.

"Love your children every minute that you have them because you don't ever know when something is going to happen," said Crystal Reese, Taylor's sister.

"I know as kids, danger doesn't cross their minds but there's danger out there," said Spriggs.

Despite the curveball Taylor's family was thrown, they have used it to create new friendships and strengthen the family ties that were already there.

"It's just been an amazing journey," said Dana Bailey.

A journey that doesn't end here; Taylor's mom says he became an organ donor and has already helped change at least one life - even after death.