Biker community helps explosion victim and family

Biker community rides for burn victim. / Jessica Fairley

The southwest Georgia biker community has banded together to raise funds for a woman who was severely burned in a home explosion.

The Viper Unit and Street Phantoms provided Ella Mae Ware with $800 to help fund her recovery costs.

On November 28th, Ware was inside her rental home when it exploded. She was rushed to the hospital where she went into critical condition.

After awaking, she found that everything she had was gone.

"I've just been miserable. It happened so quick I didn't understand," said burn victim Ella Mae Ware.

Now in the process of recovery, she's looking forward to life and hoping that by a miracle what was lost will be restored.

Anyone wanting to help fund Ella Mae Ware's recovery or help her family make it through the holidays can donate a gift to the Bank of Dawson under the title of Care of Ella Mae Ware/Bank of Dawson or send donations directly to the family at the following address.

Ella Mae Ware
363 3rd Ave.
Dawson, Ga 39842