Big ticket fireworks for 2011

Photo Credit: Jessica Fairley

The 4th of July is a big day for family picnics and bar-b-que, and to top it all off, a sky filled with fireworks. Although people go to see a public display, many will have their own private shows at home.

Fire work vendors said there are some hot items to get to help make the night a little brighter. If you've ever wanted to take out some frustration on a computer, now is your chance to do it. Vendors say one of the big sellers this year is a combustible computer.

"Our big ticket item is our brand new laptop fountain and our Grand Forty Niner, and our big multi packs," said firework vendor Molly Gilbert.

She said the exploding laptop has been a hit with families. Shelley Thomas didn't get the device for her toddler but she did spend the day letting him choose his own fireworks. She said his first 4th of July was celebrated amongst the public and that didn't go too well.

"He was very scared once the fireworks started going off. So we had to leave early. So this year we're just going to have some at the house," said Shelley Thomas.

Vendors said parents of small children have a variety of fireworks to choose from. Molly Gilbert has her picks for the tots.

"Go with the Pot Zone, Night Thriller or the Grand Forty Niner," said Gilbert.

She recommends parents with kids over the age of eight to add bigger items to keep them interested.

"I would recommend the block party which is our $99.99 pack which has a lot of big ones and it also has some small ones as well," said Gilbert

She said if you're looking for the best bang for your buck, the big timer priced at $149.99 is the way to go.