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      Big rig fire could cause afternoon Big Mac shortage

      McDonald's restaurants across South Georgia and North Florida may run out of food today after a fire destroyed two of their delivery trucks.

      Five McDonald's food trucks came down from Atlanta and arrived at Interstate Nationalease Inc. off Palmyra Road about ten Thursday night.

      The trucks would be picked up at two Friday morning and deliver food to restaurants except around twelve thirty this morning, a short in the refrigeration unit on one of the trucks likely caused two big rigs to catch fire.

      "Luckily nobody was in the trucks. Like I said, they were dropped and left, it wasn't like the drivers were going down the road and something happened so that's the positive. It's going to be a monetary loss but there's no loss of life or no bodily injury or anything like that," said battalion Chief Kelly Harcrow.

      There's about $250-thousand dollars of damage to the two trucks. A third truck started melting. Fire crews knocked down the fire before the truck was ruined but the food is lost because of smoke damage. Other tractor-trailer trucks in the parking lot were quickly moved away from the ones on fire.

      In the twenty years Danny Holmes, service manager at Interstate Nationalease Inc., has worked there he says this is the first time he has ever lost a truck.

      Each truck had about 1,000 to 1,200 cases of food on them. Crews are working to reroute other trucks from Atlanta but McDonald's restaurants may run out of food this afternoon.

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