Big Daddy's owner fights for alcohol rights

Photo Credit: Jessica Fairley

The owner of a troubled nightclub in Albany has filed a case against the city to overturn a decision made by the Albany Board of Commissioners to not renew his liquor licenses.

Judge Willie Lockette has granted a hearing for the case.

Gilbert Udoto, the owner of Big Daddy's, wants city officials to issue an alcohol license so that he may resume business operations at his nightclub located at 300 East Broad Avenue.

Udoto says he is confident that his license will be restored after his March 27th court hearing. He says commissioners were not "fair" in stripping him of his license because he was not responsible for any of the crimes that happened near his facility.

Albany City Attorney Nathan Davis says although the plaintiff is seeking to have the decision overturned in a Dougherty County Superior Court, the vote is still in effect and Udoto still cannot legally sell alcohol in his business.

Big Daddy's was the only nighttime hotspot stripped of its license in a set of five hearings by the city in late January.

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