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      Bid approved for resurfacing of Worth Co. road

      The Worth County Board of Commissioners held a meeting October 24th and kicked off the morning by opening bids for the repaving of Carlton Road.The first bid was from Jim Boyd Construction for $398,739. The second was from Reeves Construction for $402,684 and the third bid was from Oxford Construction for $365,567.Billy McDonald made a motion to accept the bid from Oxford Construction, Bettye Bozeman seconded that motion and the board approved the bid. McDonald says Oxford has given the county good service in the past.After approving that bid they discussed the resurfacing of Massey Airport Road, Woodcrest Road, and Spring Flats Road. Bettye Bozeman is worried the board doesn't have enough money for these projects. Commissioners suggested moving the projects to next year. Mike Cosby said he's going to make several calls and see if they can move around some money to make these projects happen.The board decided to have a work session Tuesday November 5th to further discuss the roads.

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