Beyond Scared Straight comes to Dougherty County

On Thursday, Dougherty County teens will be featured on the A&E Network Television Show "Beyond Scared Straight" at 10:00 PM.

Camera crews were in town shooting the show back in June of this year.

Dougherty County Sheriff Kevin Sproul says they see the challenges that youths face in society and a lot of children need to change their thought pattern. He adds that many teens don't see reality the of choices they make.

Six young men are featured in the episode as a part of Dougherty County's Youth Intervention Program.

Sheriff Sproul says over the years, he's seen success stories by the multitude.

What made Dougherty County's program standout to network executives was the fact that Sheriff Sproul is active in the intervention of the youth.

Lt. Terron Hayes is over the Youth Intervention Program in the county.

Hayes says in the "Beyond Scared Straight" show kids are broken down and built back up. Since the show taping, there have been several follow ups with not only the teens but their families as well.

All inmates used in the show were receptive to presenting their stories and helping the teens realize the penalty if their actions.

These inmates were screened before taping started.

Officials say they got as much out of program as the boys did. "A lot of kids are lost without direction and parents need help," said Lt. Terrence Hayes.

Sheriff Sproul says they're trying to reduce recidivism in the jail system. He says the last thing he wants to see is children become statistics in the jail system and thrown away by society.
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