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      Better to be safe than sorry this holiday weekend

      When it comes to traveling whether by car or plane, officials say its better to be safe than sorry.

      FOX 31 spoke to Sgt. Brian Gay, the commander of Georgia State Patrol Post 13 in Tifton, who said they will have extra officers on duty this weekend to look out for drinking and driving, impaired driving of any kind, speeding, improper child restraints, and aggressive driving. Gay understands that there might be some traffic in certain areas you're traveling through but he encourages drivers to stay calm and don't do anything that would put you or another driver in danger

      Gay also advises everyone to have a sober ride secured before you go out and have even one drink, he says even though you may not think you're impaired after one or two drinks, you are.

      FOX 31 also spoke with Yvette Aehle, the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport director, who said they expect the airport to be a little busier than normal on Friday. Aehle says just like any other day you need to arrive early because the plane will be taking off on time and it will leave without you if you aren't there. Aehle also wants to encourage the public to arrive even earlier than normal for parking; she says people should try to park on the south end of the parking lot and walk under the covered area. If you park on the north end of the lot you will be faced with walking on uneven ground and walking right into traffic.

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