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      Better handle on dangerous dogs in Albany

      If you own a pit bull, you may have to hold those leashes a little tighter when you're out and about.

      That's because in the City of Albany, your pet could soon be classified as a "dangerous dog".

      On Wednesday, representatives with Citizens Advisory Commission and the Albany City Attorney worked to get an ordinance passed that would classify the pit bull as dangerous.

      Mary Ligon, Chair with CAC says, "we felt like just singling out just pit bulls because of their higher incidents of injury."

      City Commissioner Christopher Pike says, "it's for people who aren't responsible and not doing what their suppose to be doing who will be affected by the ordinance change."

      Data from a study done by Animal People found that from 1982 to 2012, pit bulls accounted for more than 2,000 dog attack cases in the US and Canada, that's the most of any breed.

      "There are many folks that may be at risk if they came in contact with a pit bull not understanding or knowing how dangerous they could be," says Ligon.

      If passed, the ordinance would give the Albany Police Department and Animal Control clear authority to act in any dangerous situation.

      "We want to make sure that owners properly have their dogs fenced in, making sure that they can't get loose and chase children down the street and things of that nature," says Pike.

      For now the motion has been tabled until the ordinance is drafted and presented to the commission for final approval

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