Better Business Bureau warns of Microsoft scam

Photo Credit: File

The Better Business Bureau wants to help protect you from an ongoing scam targeting Southwest Georgia.

The Better Business Bureau of East Alabama, West and Southwest Georgia say they have received complaints about phone scammers posing as Microsoft computer engineers. The scammers contact PC users and claim their computer is at risk of a security threat. According to Better Business Bureau records, victims have been charged a $50 to $250 repair fee by phone credit card transaction. Victims are instructed to download a software code for the repair; however the code allows the fraudulent caller access to the PC. In effect, the downloaded software corrupts the victim's computer system.

Representatives of Microsoft say their advice to avoid the scam is simple: treat callers as you would treat strangers in the street â" do not disclose personal or sensitive information to anyone you do not know. They also have a website for you to visit to learn how to beat the scams.

The Better Business Bureau say they are currently investigating this case to identify more information about the culprits. The Bureau warns that giving personal information will put your personal identity at risk. They ask that you please contact the local Better Business Bureau at 706-324-0712 to request information on identity theft or to report a fraudulent call.