Best Friends Humane Society contract renewal once again delayed

Representatives for the humane society showed up to find out whether or not county officials will approve the contract or do away with it. / Jessica Fairley

Once again, supporters of the Best Friends Humane Society in Worth County had to leave a commission meeting with no answers on the fate of their contract.

Worth County commissioners pushed the issue back from a previous meeting earlier in the month and now it's been postponed until February.

Commissioners are divided on the length of time the human society's contract should last.

Although the issue was not placed on Thursday night's agenda, commissioners say the humane society will have no problems with funding.

Also in the meeting, a representative for 'The Sylvester Local' newspaper came forward with allegations that the board acted in violation of the Sunshine Law.

Kellie Parten says that the meeting on January 3rd was not properly released to the public.

The Sunshine Law states that meetings are to be posted 24 hours before the set date and an agenda should also be released.

Parten also addressed the board about complaints from county employees.

"We have had county employees and department heads contact us and tell us that they have been instructed not to have any communication with us and that they have been asked not to attend commissioners meetings unless they had been summoned to those meetings," said Kellie Parten, Editor of the Sylvester Local.

Board members stated during the discussion that while the early January meeting may have been misprinted, the rest are simply allegations.

Parton says she's contacted the attorney general's office about the matter.

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