Berries for the pickin' at Calhoun Produce

"Nothing's prettier than a field of strawberries," said Sheila Rice, co-owner of Calhoun Produce.

Calhoun Produce is a family owned farm that started in 1980 and incorporated in 1992 but only started selling strawberries 17 years ago. Over the years, they've collected a little bit of agritainment for everyone.

"We're trying to get the families to the farm, teach them what we're growing here, let them have lots of fun while they're on the farm," said Rice.

They've got everything from hay rides to beekeeping lessons, even an alligator and goat walk.

The major cash crop on this farm is butter beans but mid-March through June 1st, it's strawberry season. Whether the strawberries are picked or bought, they're fresh and delicious. But it's more about the experience on the farm than the savory treat.

"It is one of the most unreal, interactive field trips we do in kindergarten and we really enjoy it and it's our favorite," said Joy Houldridge, a kindergarten teacher who has been brining her class on field trips to Calhoun Produce for the last seven years.

"It's fun and they have strawberries that you can pick and eat," said Kaleigh Jones, kindergartener.

"When they get into that strawberry field it's just exciting to me to see them get so excited," said Rice. "They see that fresh strawberry growing right there and not coming just out of the grocery store."

After spending a hot day out in the fields picking strawberries you can cool off with a fresh sandwich lunch or some homemade strawberry ice cream but their specialty is frozen strawberry lemonade. They also feature a farm market with jams, jellies, and all sorts of fresh, local produce.

Each change of season brings a new batch of fun activities and a different crop which the farm can ship all across the southern states.

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