Berrien school board makes decision on accused coach

Berrien County Board of Education makes decision about Jordan Stokes. / MGN ONLINE

After a lengthy executive session Tuesday night, Berrien County school officials have made a decision on the fate of former coach Jordan Stokes.

Stokes stepped down as coach after allegations arose that he mistreated students during closed practice sessions.

A group of parents expressed their concerns during Tuesday's Berrien County Board of Education meeting.

The board released this statement Wednesday about their decision:

After hearing the statement presented by the concern parent group, the Berrien county school board met in executive session to review information collected by the administration. Chairman Henry ford stated, "That after reviewing the information gathered by the administration it is our belief that the situation has been handled appropriately and no other action will be taken. He also added that, "he hopes and prays that we can learn from this and move forward as a community."

Chairman Henry ford.