Berlin police arrest 22 in sex sting

Maurice Moore / Colquitt County Sheriff's Office

Berlin police have arrested 22 men after conducting a prostitution sex sting.

Over one weekend in late October, police set up shop in a vacant home on Brice Street.

Investigators posted ads on several websites, including Craigslist, which offered the services of a female prostitute.

The suspects as far as thirty miles away from Berlin responded and were given a street name and once they made it to that address, someone then showed them which home to enter.

Raymond Bedal, with the Berlin Police Department, said they used a five step opt-out system to allow the men a chance to back out of the deal.

Out of the group of men who answered the ad, 22 still went through with a financial exchange.

The men were taken into custody and charged with breaking a city ordinance with pandering and solicitation.

Some of the suspects were arrested for driving under the influence, drug possession, and having counterfeit cash.

Berlin police started the investigation after a woman sold her body for prescription drugs, then sold the drugs for cash.

After receiving several complaints from residents, officials wanted to start a movement to rid the community of drugs and prostitution.

Police are hoping this sting shows the community that criminal activity won't be tolerated.

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