'Benjamins' used to get criminals off the streets

Crime Stoppers seeks to build up cash supply for the upcoming year. / Jessica Fairley

Crime Stoppers is heading into a new year with hopes of pulling off successful fundraising to sustain them throughout 2012.

The non-profit organization is planning its annual golf tournament to build up funds to reward anonymous informants.

When a fugitive is on the loose most people look to the police, sheriff's department, or other law enforcement agencies to bring them to justice, but many times the process is accelerated with the help of Crime Stoppers.

If a tip leads to an arrest and prosecution, the tipster stands to receive a cash reward of up to $500.

Over the span of one month the amount of money awarded can reach well into the thousands, risking the depletion of all funds.

"If we don't have a lot of money we have to lower the reward because we just don't have the money," said Crime Stoppers Executive Board Secretary Judy Randle.

She says fortunately the group has been able to sustain and keep their funding up, but as they enter a new year, it wouldn't hurt to build up their supply.

Upcoming fundraisers are set up to ensure that when the public calls, Crime Stoppers will be there to answer.

Anyone interested in supporting the non-profit organization can follow the link to the Crime Stoppers website.