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      Ben Hill County parents voice complaints regarding teacher

      After a group of parents felt their concerns regarding a teacher at Fitzgerald High School weren't being addressed at the lower level, they took their complaints to Ben Hill County Schools Superintendent Nancy Whidden during a meeting on Monday.

      "Some of these parents had in fact gone to the principal and then now they wanted to meet with me concerning a child and some concerns, said Whidden.

      Before hearing what the parents had to say, the school attorney thoroughly educated the group on what legal steps could be taken against a tenured teacher if the allegations are in fact true.

      "They come under the fair dismissal law, and there have to be reasons for a teacher to be dismissed or to be non-renewed, their contract be non-renewed and of course they have to be given an opportunity to correct any deficits, said Whidden.

      Next, the meeting went into a private session where parents were able to speak about their children's issues, where parents anonymously told Fox 31 afterwards that they felt it let them know that the board cares and is willing to work with parents.

      After the meeting ended, Superintendent Whidden then went into a school board meeting where they voted to relieve member Johnny Mobley from his position. Mobley says his position on the board prevented him from voicing his concerns as a parent surrounding the teacher complaints.

      Superintendent Whidden says the issue will go back to Fitzgerald High Principal Stacey Bell who will meet with the teacher to see what steps need to be taken, if any.