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      Ben Hill County Commission meets to resolve county budget issues

      The Ben Hill County Board of Commissioners met for a two-part meeting on Tuesday to discuss finances.First, the board discussed the proposed 2013 budget during a regularly scheduled workshop meeting.County Manager Frank Feild says they are working towards approving the budget and hope to do so before the first of the year.Next, during a special called meeting, the board delved deeper into the joint services budget. Joint services are those used by both the city and the county and is a topic that has been scrutinized by the public.In August, members of the public proposed consolidating some of the joint services to the board in order to save money.The board worked with the city to make some cuts on both sides and Felid says building trust between the county and city makes it possible to move towards a possible consolidation in the future if that is ultimately what's decided on.The county approved the joint services section which will save them $55,000 in the overall budget.