Ben Hill commissioners vote on system of checks and balances

The Ben Hill Board of Commissioners holds a regular scheduled meeting. / Jessica Fairley

Ben Hill County commissioners met Wednesday night and came up with a solution to implement a system of checks and balances for their finances.

The board voted to have all funds from the Sheriff's Special Revenue Funds budget placed in the general budget.

The money that goes to the Ben Hill Sheriff's Office comes from the county's superior court, magistrate court, probate court and the city of Fitzgerald.

Although the expenses don't come from funds handled by the commission, county officials still have to vote on the sheriff's budget.

"The county commission does not see the money. We do not see how it's spent but we have to vote on it. So all I'm saying is, we need to move it so that we can see how it's spent and we know what we're voting on," said O.D. Netter, Ben Hill County Commissioner.

Also in the meeting commissioners voted on a measure that will help residents understand city codes.,

The Immunicode program allows the public to go online and review ordinances without the hassle of government jargon. It allows residents the option to quickly read and understand what all the county codes are. The program also allows the codes to be current and updated.

Officials say voting on this measure is one way to make sure the public knows the law.

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