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      Being safe during ASU homecoming

      Thousands of people will be in the Good Life City this weekend to partake in Albany State University's Homecoming, but local law enforcement agencies want to make sure you and your family are safe.With almost 300 securities cameras placed around ASU's campus, police officials say they will be able to see just about everything inch of the campus and surrounding areas.ASU Police Chief Field says, "be safe, be smart, and have fun."Other agencies will also be helping monitor the busy weekend. Phyllis Banks, Media Manager with the Albany State Police Department says, "don't forget to lock your car doors and don't leave your valuables laying out in the open."Other agencies on hand to help with be the Dougherty County Police Department and Darton State Police Department.All agencies will also be patrolling on foot, on 4-wheelers, and by bicycle. They add that if you see anything suspicious during homecoming, contact police.

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