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      Beer prices on the rise

      If two major beer distributors raise prices|restaurant and bar owners should brace themselves for a financial hit.

      Bill Farnsworth, owner of Beef O' Brady's says the price increase will affect his beer budget. "As I buy beer from the distributor I TMm sure they TMre going to increase my case and keg prices" says Farnsworth.

      The two popular brands dominate Beef O' Brady TMs beer order. "Its about 55% Anhauser Busch and 45% Miller" says Farnsworth

      Even though beer prices are on the rise, Bill Farnsworth doesn TMt plan on raising his prices. FOX 31 asked customers how the price of beer will affect which bars or restaurants they drink at.

      "Since beef o Brady's decided that they TMre going to carry the same specials " I believe that I TMm just going to stick with my same beer" says customer Joshua Savelle

      Bill Farnsworth is keeping the exact same business plan for a reason. "Right now we TMre known for the cheapest beer in town and we TMre going to keep it that way" says Farnsworth.

      Some restaurants and bars make most of their money from liquor and beer so they may raise prices in the near future.