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      Beer maker receives award for water

      Miller Coors recently received a prestigious award for their efforts to be responsible and environmentally friendly.Miller won the Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant of the Year award for outstanding operation of an industrial pollution control facility in the category of land application. Basically their waste water treatment plant uses waste from the brewing and packaging process to treat more than 6 million gallons of water every day. After that process Environmental Health and Safety expert David Dixon says about three percent left over is a solid material they then apply to their 425 acre hay farm.We use that to grow hay and we TMre able to apply the solid portion of our waste water treatment plant material to the hay field both irrigating it and providing an organic supplement for the hay crops. It TMs really a win win situation. says Dixon.Credit for the award is focused on five operators and mechanics that make the waste water plant run. If that TMs not impressive enough|Miller Coors also designed and built the intricate system themselves with few modifications.