Beef prices are going up

Photo Credit: Rheya Spigner

Cattle prices are at a record high which means an increase for consumers.

There are a number of reasons for the increase starting with a decline in cattle. Owner of cattle farm, White Oak Pastures, Will Harris, says the number of mother cows in this country has been on a continual decline since about 1996.

This year the decline hit hard which means prices of meat are going up. Harris says he pays 1300 dollars per cattle, a 30 percent increase from what he paid about two years ago and he says the prices are only getting higher.

Since Harris also has a slaughter house on the farm he knows the perks of being a farmer and the cons of being a meat seller.

Harris said, "The cattleman in me is benefiting from these prices going up, the guy that runs a meat business , I'm the same person, is paying more for the cattle that I purchase."

As a result he and others in the meat business hand the increases down to the consumer, and sharing some concerns.

Harris says the concern is that beef will become luxury item that people won't be able to enjoy multiple times per week, like they have in the past.