Beef O' Bradys raising money for locals with blood cancer

Folks gather at Beef O" Bradys to help out and have fun

Every five minutes, a person is diagnosed with a form of blood cancer.

Folks at Beef O' Brady's are working hard to raise money for folk in need. This past Thursday they had live music and donated 10 % of all proceeds to help those locally with Lymphoma or Leukemia. The event goes on for the next three Thursdays.

"Any money you spend goes right back to people in need in this area, like for hotel reservations, or gas money, or whatever it may take to get to Atlanta or somewhere to get the treatment that they need, so it's local, " said Marilyn Solomon.

They'll be out there again this Thursday at the Beef O' Brady's on Gillionville Road. It will end September 25th with the Light The Night event at the Parks at Chehaw.