Beauty classes offered to cancer patients

Cheryol Ford says she feels more confident after taking the beauty classes

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital has teamed up with the American Cancer Society for the past three years to help women who are about to undergo chemotherapy, women in treatment, and women just finishing treatment boost their confidence with wellness and make-up classes.

The "Look Good...Feel Better" program aims to help women adjusting to hair loss and skin changes. Cheryol Ford is a 32-year-old mother of two who says she was shocked to find out she had breast cancer. "When I got my biopsy results I broke down. I thought I was too young for breast cancer since I didn't have it in my family" says Ford.

Patient Resource Navigator Phyllis Colvin says one of the first things a cancer patient may hear is that they will lose their hair and the color of their skin may change. "The physical affects of cancer can be devastating for a woman. This class teaches them about makeup techniques and hair techniques to take care of themselves and look as healthy as possible" says Colvin.

Participants in the program say it's more than makeup, the classes allow them to build a community of support. "I met so many people that was going through what I was going through, so it was easier for me because they completely understood what I'm going through" says Ford. She now supports other women going through the class and says she has a positive outlook on life. "I'm fine. Cancer is not me â" I'm going to be alright! I have one more chemotherapy treatment to go so I see the light at the end of the tunnel" says Ford.

All of the makeup and skincare products used in the class are donated by major cosmetic companies.

The classes are open to any woman about to, currently in, or just finishing chemotherapy in any hospital.

For more information on the program call 229-312-2264

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