Base employees awarded for hard work

MCLB 2012 Employee of the Year Lisa Simpson / Romney Smith

Employee recognition day is held annually by the Maintenance Center, Logistics Command, and the Marine Corps Logistics Base to recognize employees' hard work and achievements.

MCLB Commanding Officer Colonel Don Davis says it's their small token of appreciation to say 'thank you' for a job well done. The base's event honored the Marine of the Year, NCO of the Year, and many other prestigious accomplishments. "So we're recognizing an appreciation for all of our employees and all of our service members. The civil service, the military service, all these folks came here to serve and it's our opportunity to recognize their achievements across the board" says Davis.

As rounds of applause were clapped, different people received handshakes and awards; there was one moment that everyone was waiting for. The winner of the 2012 MCLB Albany Employee of the Year is Lisa Simpson, a program analyst and civilian employee for nearly 23 years. "It was a great feeling! It's wonderful that people do appreciate what you do, because you don't always hear that, and I just do the best I can every day so it's good to hear it sometimes" says Simpson.

After lunch it was time to cut loose a little bit as civilian employees and marines came together to play games and compete in a 'wobble' contest!

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