Banks to start charging debit card fees

You could pay more next year to use your debit card anywhere but at an atm / Ashley Knight

Bad news if you like to use your debit card--your bank could start charging you for that convenient swipe.

Starting next year, Bank of America, Chase Bank, Suntrust, and Wells Fargo will start charging $3, and in some cases $5 a month if you use your debit card anywhere other than at an atm.

It's all part of the financial regulation reform.

The fees that banks can collect from business's transactions have been capped at 21 cents--down from 44 cents.

So banks are now getting that lost revenue from you.

"So there's that potential that they could lose customers and therefore they could adjust their fees, or if people continue to bank with Bank of America, this is going to increase their revenue," says Darton Economics professor Aaron Johnson.

Johnson says this may be a good thing--more revenue for banks could mean more jobs and a better economy.

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