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      Baconton Fire Department lowers ISO rating

      A fire station in Mitchell County is celebrating tonight after hearing good news from the insurance commission.

      The Baconton Volunteer Fire Department learned their ISO rating will go from a four down to a three.

      In order to drop a point on the scale the fire chief said he had to bring in more volunteers and thus, have more fire-fighters on the scene when something happens. With a lot of interest from the community he was able to bring his staff up to 28 people which brought their rating down.

      Chief David Forrester said, It took a lot of work and the main thing is we didn TMt have to use anything out of our current budget to obtain that. But to maintain it we certainly will have to have more in the budget next year because the equipment is getting older and things have got to be replaced.

      Chief Forrester also said the people who will see lower costs in insurance and benefit the most will be the commercial businesses in town.