Baconton children receive motivational books

"Letters to a Young Sister" was given out to a group of young women. / Sean Streicher

Baconton's Saint James Baptist Church celebrated Dr. Martin L. King Jr's birthday Monday morning by kicking off "the Big Read."

Over 100 children and teenagers, ages 4 to 19, were separated into three groups based on age and given books to read as a way of aiding in their education.

The reading material was carefully selected to be about people who have come from similar situations as the children.

"If they're going to read books, to read books they can identify with, people who come from challenging situations, to let them know that they can succeed they can do the same thing. It doesn't matter where you come from, what side of the tracks you came off of, the truth of the matter is we all can succeed with God's help said Pastor Lawrence Knighton.

After finishing the books, the readers are allowed to keep them, and are encouraged to re-read them later on in life.

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