Back-to-school 'nits' a head of itchy scalp

Classroom quarters may increase the chances of contracting a parasitic problem. / Jessica Fairley

Kids are back in school and health officials are sending out a warning for parents to beware of lice.

Dougherty County medical professionals say when kids are in close contact with others the parasites can spread rapidly.

Signs of lice can include itchy scalp, red bumps along the nape of the neck, or small eggs or (nits) near the scalp.

Lice nits can be distinguished because, unlike dandruff, they do not slide up or down the hair shaft.

Once lice are identified, parents can use over-the-counter medication to cure it.

"Because lice are so contagious. If a child is sent home from school, you need to check the whole family because they've been in contact with the child," said Lynn Burson, Director of Child Health for the Southwest Health District.

Children are warned to avoid sharing combs, hats or scarves with their classmates.

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