Awards presented to life saving paramedics

Paramedics honored by Mid-Georgia Ambulance Wednesday. / Matt Prichard

Mid-Georgia Ambulance held a luncheon Wednesday honoring several of their paramedics who successfully recessitated a patient in the last year. And although these men and women are appreciated, officials say it's often a thankless job.

"We are pretty much out of sight and out of mind and people don't think about us till they need us, so it is important to acknowledge that what they do is important and worthwhile to the community," said Mid-Georgia Ambulance spokeswoman, Ann Rice.

And saving someone's life certainly shows that importance, which paramedic Chris Wynn says is the reason he does the job.

"Whenever you get in a situation where you actually successfully recessitate somebody, all that hard work pays off and it makes it all worth it," said Wynn.

But these situations are rare, which rice says is reason enough to reward them.

"There's lots of times that they don't get the patient back, and it's just the situation, that's just how it is, a pre-hospital save is rare. So we want to honor them when everything falls into place and goes right," said Rice.

And Wynn agrees saying that although the job can be tough, it pays off in the end.

"Sometimes it can be a challenge, but you work hard at it and when it pays off it's a true honor, self honor," said Wynn.

Wynn, along with three other paramedics, were awarded for their efforts, and Mid-Georgia Ambulance says they'd like to continue these kind of ceremonies in the future.

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