Award nominees stand out in uncertain job market

Ivey Horton is the 2012 GOAL winner at Albany Tech

Albany Technical College announced its Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership (GOAL) award winner Tuesday night, but winning an award such as this is more than a certificate and plaque.

Last year's Albany Tech GOAL Winner Patrick Jenkins says listing that award on his resume is beneficial.

"When I'm actually looking for contracts and landscaping I'll put that on my resume and that actually impresses the potential client," says Jenkins, who now owns his own store in Downtown Albany, Global Essence.

Professionals say making an impression is key to this economy, with some people saying it's getting better and others saying it's getting worse. They say having accolades like the GOAL award on a resume helps tip the job hunting scale in an applicant's favor.

"It not only shows that they were dedicated to their education but they were rewarded for that," says John Klemm, Director of Albany Tech's Logistics Department. "With any employer looking at resumes they're going to look for things that students did while they were in school, what kind of awards they received."

Job seekers and award winners say they hope with they'll ultimately be rewarded with a job.

"Having this on my resume is going to show that I will do my best and I do everything I can to the best of my ability and I strive to be the best that I can be," says 2012 Albany Tech GOAL Winner Ivey Norton. "It looks great on a resume and an employer sees that as someone who has really put forth their best effort in school."

Professionals say even being nominated for an award sets applicants apart from the crowd of resumes.

"Being nominated for a GOAL award says that you're a leader and companies are looking for leaders, they're looking for people to come in and make immediate impact in their jobs," says Reginald Sweet, a 2012 Albany Tech GOAL nominee. "It says that the student is not only ready to just sit in class and learn, they're also involved in the community."

Professionals say having awards listed on a resume gives employers a more in-depth look at an applicant's work ethic.

The following are the 2012 GOAL nominees at Albany Tech:
Tamala Arnett â" Dental Assisting
Rolanda Bailey (Finalist) â" Business Logistics
Susie Clyde â" Masonry
Shirley Henry â" Marketing Management
Kimberly Lawson â" Drafting Technology
Ouitia Malone â" Business Logistics
Ivey Norton (Winner) â" Dental Assisting
Kayla Robinson (Finalist) â" Computer information Systems
Reginald Sweet (Finalist) â" Early Childhood Care and Education
Amanda Taylor â" Radiologic Technology
Rodney Thompson â" Accounting
Priscilla Williams â" Marketing Management
Christopher Wright â" Business Administrative Technology