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      Autry Prison Guards fired and charged after investigation

      Kevin Davis
      Five prison guards from Autry State Prison in Mitchell County have lost their jobs and are facing charges after an investigation from the Georgia Department of Corrections.The five guards, Steven Alexander, Darius Knight, Deltonio Scott, Eddie King and Kevin Davis, are facing charges after allegations of inmate abuse were made.The Georgia Department of Corrections issued the following statement:The Department has learned of allegations of inmate abuse at Autry State Prison. The Department takes allegations such as inmate abuse very seriously. Due to these claims, the Department sent Internal Affairs to investigate. It is believed that the abuse did occur, therefore these officers were terminated and referred for prosecution. Knight and Scott face one charge of battery and violation of oath by public officer.King faces one charge of simple assault and violation of oath by public officer.Davis faces one charge each of battery, tampering with evidence, and violation of oath by public officer.Alexander faces one charge each of tampering with evidence and violation of oath by public officer.