Autism school dream becomes a reality

Bid for Bachelors donated $20,000 for the school's down payment

The Albany Autism center broke ground today on the new Bridgewood Academy thanks to a $20,000 donation from the fundraiser Bid for Bachelors.

Bridgewood Academy will be a private school for special needs children focusing on autism. Diane Blocker with Albany Autism says the new location will enable them to help more families. "Right now we have four children that come to the autism center full time for daily therapy. We have a waiting list, we've always had a waiting list, and over the last two years we've serviced over 20 children. Now we can help more families" says Blocker.

The house has cosmetic work that needs to be done, and school officials plan on installing a fence and playground in the backyard.

Officials will begin the social therapy program June 7, 2010, and the school will open for business in August.