Audrey Brown teaches students life lessons

Audrey Brown chose to be a teacher to touch as many lives as possible. She understands the impact a positive teacher can have on a student.

"I feel like as a teacher, if we have been given that opportunity that God has allowed us to have, we need to just be the best we can be" said Brown.

Brown's greatest hope is to impact her students' lives in the long term, so once they leave Merry Acres, they can take the lessons with them throughout life.

"She likes to play games, when we play games, we play them based on what we're learning and whenever we have fun, we learn the most" said Kara Burke.

Brown enjoys teaching her seventh graders through hands on learning and keeping the students moving. When asked about her Teacher of the Year nomination, she says she is privileged to have been given the honor just to have a teaching position at Merry Acres.

"Merry Acres is a wonderful school and we have great leaders and wonderful students" said Brown.

Brown added she is thankful for every teacher in the Dougherty County School System.

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