ATV death in Lee County

The accident happened in the 1100 block of Grave Springs Road

21-year-old Justin Moye died when his ATV overturned on him in the 1100 block of Graves Springs Road. Moye and his 17-year-old brother Jake were riding the 4-wheeler together when the accident happened.

Major Chris Owens from the Lee County Sheriff's Department says it was a tragedy. "EMS transported both individuals to Phoebe Putney Hospital and unfortunately there was a fatality in that particular crash" says Owens.

You may wonder what happened to make the ATV flip over? The police are asking the same question in their ongoing investigation. "We don't know exactly how the crash happened, but we are still investigating that now" says Owens.

The police are investigating numerous things but here's what they know for sure.

- At 7:11 one of the boys called 911 from a cell phone

- EMS noticed that both men rode the same bike

-No helmets or safety gear were located at the crash

Justin graduated from Lee County High School a few years ago and his brother Jake is currently a senior. Lee County High School Principal Kevin Dowling has kind words for both guys.

"Justin was a good kid, he was a quiet student, a well mannered student, always brought a good attitude to a classroom and he always made a lot of friends. Jake is very well liked, very respected amongst his peers, not someone that gets into trouble, he is a typical young man who loves life" says Dowling.

Friends of Justin and Jake were noticeably affected by the crash.

"There are several close friends of the Moye's that weren't in school today, and several more students that were here were a little subdued and a little, it was not a normal school day" says Dowling.

The Lee County Sheriff's Department says there are no charges pending in the case. FOX 31 News will keep you updated on any new developments in the case.