AT&T makes donation to Albany Technical College

Courtney Brinson with AT&T gives Albany Tech President Dr. Anthony Parker the $3,000 donation / Sarah Bleau

AT&T gives some Albany Technical College students jobs, but on Monday the company gave the college $3,000 to help fund scholarships.

Over the last five years, AT&T has donated nearly $75,000 to Albany Tech.

Albany Tech President Dr. Anthony Parker says it's great when a local program wants to do a little more for the community. Courtney Brinson, Regional Director for External Affairs for AT&T, says the program at Albany Tech is outstanding and you can't go wrong with investing in higher education.

In November 2009, Albany Tech received $50,000 from AT&T. College officials say at the time, the campus was limited in wireless access. The funds allowed the technical college to expand so it could provide a catalyst for students to have wireless access campus-wide.