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      Atkinson commission investigates mold issue

      The Atkinson County Board of Commissioners announced during their Thursday evening meeting that construction codes and concerns were ignored, which produced the mold problems at the Atkinson County Health Department back in August.The commissioners presented a letter dating back to June 29, 2011 from Suites & Associates Architects addressed to Steed Robinson of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs Department, saying that parts of the base of the building would "require a sump pump and could be a long term moisture problem."The chairman of the board of commissions says drainage was supposed to be built for the building, but never was.The Georgia Department of Community Affairs seemingly warned the board of commissioners about this problem of moisture prior to the set up of the building and approved the building location but not the modular construction; saying if they continue with the project it would be at their own risk.The board of commissioners never signed off on the approval of the project and so drainage was never put in for the building, creating moisture and furthermore mold.