ATC celebrates Arbor Day, Tree Campus USA

ATC celebrates Arbor Day and being Tree Campus USA for the 8th year. jpg/ Credit: Alexandria Ikomoni

Albany Technical College celebrated Arbor Day by planting a live oak tree on campus Thursday.

Students and faculty members came together to be reminded of the importance of trees, and how much they help everyone on a daily basis.

It was also a day to celebrate the school being named Tree Campus USA for the 8th year because of its dedication to campus forestry and environmental care.

“We have to show that we are doing good stewardship,” said George Paul, environmental horticulture instructor. “That we are planting trees. That we are caring for trees. We have to show that we are engaging our students, our faculty and our staff, and the community.”

The school chose the Garden of Giving as the location for the new tree in hopes of creating an area filled with trees for future student’s enjoyment.

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