ASU Women's Symposium addresses all genders

The Fourth Annual Women's Symposium at ASU discussed not only women but all genders / Sarah Bleau

Male, female, transgender: Albany State University professors say there aren't just two genders anymore.

As a wrap up to their weeklong celebration of Women's History Month, ASU hosted their Fourth Annual Women's Symposium. It ended on Thursday with a discussion about gender studies.

One topic was gender identification, explaining the difference between gender and biological sex. The panelists say they want everyone â" from females to drag queens and kings to homosexuals â" to honor themselves.

"Finding who you are and standing up for yourself and not having that fear that you will be prosecuted or oppressed because you're a women or taken for something less than you are," says Dr. Devona Mallory, chair of the ASU Gender Studies Committee.

Mallory says at the end of the day everyone needs to unite as one group despite gender or race.

Other discussions at the symposium included issues revolving around women such as domestic violence and masculine expressiveness.

More than 100 people came to the symposium throughout the day.