ASU to hold College of Education PENning ceremony

Future educators are prepared with academic strategies for the transition from college to the classroom, but there are other challenges to overcome for beginning teachers. Effectively communicating with young children and their parents is a major hurdle. Before the Albany State University Department of Teacher Education introduces its spring 2012 graduates to real world classroom experiences, the future educators participate in a program designed to ensure that they have a solid support system for guidance.

The Teacher Education Professional Embracing Novice (PEN)ning ceremony will be held Friday, May 4 at 4 p.m. in the Academic Auditorium. The first step of the teacher induction process is PENning which marks the successful completion of a mentoring program that matches retired and veteran educators to a mentee.

The Georgia Systemic Teacher Education Program (GSTEP) supports the ASU's mentoring initiative which provides a foundation as new teachers begin teaching careers. As part of the ceremonial ritual, education veterans "PEN" their mentee during the afternoon program.

Technical support through "BRIDGE" (Building Resources: Induction and Development for Georgia Educators) developed through GSTEP is a critical component of mentoring.