ASU students grieve over tragic incident

Students on Albany State University's campus. / Jessica Fairley

Students on Albany State University's campus are grieving after hearing the sad news about one of their peers.

News spread fast that an ASU student had gone missing.

"I heard about it last night on Twitter and then this morning everybody started posting it on Instagram," says John Onimole, ASU student.

As the story unfolds about what happened and what may have caused the disappearance, the community and campus are banding together.

"I know some of his frat brothers got up this morning around their plot and they got up and started praying," says Onimole.

One student says although her path never crossed with the student's, she's saddened by the ill news about him.

"I personally didn't know the student but it still affects me because it's my school and it's a tragic thing that you don't want to hear happen to anyone," says Amber Holloway, Albany State University student.

While students are grieving over this incident, John Onimole is also dealing with the loss of a close loved one. He says fortunately the school provides comfort in difficult times like these.

"If you have a death in your family or someone that you're close with who passed, they actually do some counseling. They check up on you every day," says John Onimole.

Officials with Albany State University say they're providing students with counseling to get them through this tough time.

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