ASU students delve into society's diversities

ASU panel and students discuss diversity. / Jessica Fairley

As a part of International Education Week, Albany State University put on a diversity forum to talk about the differences people face in society.

Although the forum was set up as lecture, it became an open discussion. Students and educators talked about race, religion, sexism and acceptance.

"We want our students to be comfortable in the world and we want to talk about it. We want them to be comfortable even discussing diversity issues," says Maggie Emily-Hall, ASU International Student Advisor.

Instead of focusing solely on black and white issues, the group went over internal differences within races.

"Even within quote unquote a race we are culturally different and diverse," says Maggie Emily-Hall.

Albany State University's population is majority African American students, but when you break down the groups within that population, there are people from all walks of life.

"You got a lot of military children that come and go and they tell you about their experiences and it forms an interest in you," says Delvon Lewis, ASU First Gentleman.

University officials say having open discussions about social and racial differences is one way to broaden the minds of their students and hopefully prepare them for the differences in the world outside of college.

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