ASU strengthens foreign connections

ASU professors with African dignitaries. / Jessica Fairley

Albany State University professors are reaching out to African dignitaries in hopes of strengthening its foreign exchange program.

The school's department of History and Political Science hosted a group of African women through the Department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program.

During the visit, the dignitaries were able to learn about American culture by exploring the role of the woman in education and politics.

Albany State University students often have a chance to study in Africa, but professors are hoping this networking makes it possible for African students to study in Albany.

"We are hoping that they will be bringing their own students here to have classes which in a way will encourage understanding among nations and peace will be encouraged for the world," says Dr. Babafemi Elufiede, ASU Chairman of the Department of History, Political Science and Public Administration.

He says ASU students have had the chance to study in Nigeria and Kenya.