ASU Police Chief retires after 31 years in law enforcement

ASU Police Chief Roberson Brown, alongside his wife, walks out of the police department building and into retirement

After more than five years with the Albany State University Police Department, Police Chief Roberson Brown cleaned off his work space and filled up his retirement plans.

"I intend to be up on the mountains, on the beaches, traveling out of the country to Africa, Brazil, Italy: Those are places my wife and I really plan to travel to and take our kids with us," says Brown. "It's just fun, fun, fun from this point on. No more work, no more badges, no more guns, no more bad guys."

Before cleaning off his desk, Brown says he cleaned up ASU's police force.

"The community had the perception of the department internally of the university and widespread that this was not a real police department: A bunch of guys make believe and they're only security force," says Brown.

Brown says he changed the department's name from ASU Public Safety to ASU Police Department. He says he bought the officers new badges, patches, guns and equipment. Brown says he also had his employees go through the same training Albany police and Dougherty County police go through.

"We have our own dispatches, our own investigations: we do everything internally. We're just a city within a city and because of that we're the safest university in all of the 35 in the state of Georgia," says Brown.

He says he developed precautionary measures to boost the safety of the campus in case of incidents such as campus shootings.

"I implemented something called Active Shooter Team which is like a mini SWAT team for the department because we can't wait an hour for a SWAT team to arrive," says Brown.

Brown not only leaves behind his legacy but memories as well.

"When I came in here, I had spent 11 years as patrol officer and so entering the administrative side of policing was new for me and he provided a lot of guidance and assistance in that area," says Lt. Daniel Diamond with the ASU Police Department.

Officers say there the next chief of police has big shoes to fill.

"They're going to have a lot of responsibility. The department, being in charge of the security of campus: That's a lot," says Diamond.

Brown says education will be the key to success for the new police chief.

"It's not just come in bang and beat up our students and put them all in jail. Bottom line is be educational: Teach them, develop them about 'what if' so they don't get criminal records and to prevent crime by doing workshops and develop our student body t be law abiding citizens," says Brown.

As the door closes on this chapter for Brown, another one is opening as he walks into retirement.

He and his wife, who he married in October, plan to move to North Carolina. Brown retires with 31 years of law enforcement experience including 24 years in Miami.

"I don't intend to work ever again, so I'm not quitting my job to go to another job. I would stay here if I wanted to work anymore," says Brown.

As for the new ASU police chief, the application process is just beginning.