ASU hold Veterans Day program

Lt. Col. Joel Davis visits Darton to talk about the military. / Allen Carter

For Veterans Day Albany State University gave a lesson in service.

"It's the national Veterans Day program. We host it every year here at Albany State University. It's to get the students involved with veteran activities," said student organizer Syntorria Fedd.

The instructor of this year's program was 26-year veteran Lt. Col. Joel Davis.

"I started off in the marine corps as an infantryman, did about four years in the Marine Corps. Then I did the navy ROTC. Then I transitioned over to the army ROTC and I have been in the army now for 21 years," said Davis.

In that 26 years Davis has been deployed to more than 20 countries, most recently a yearlong recovery effort after the earthquake in Haiti; showing military service isn't just about running into the fire.

"I went over there as one of the lead intelligence officers who did some assessments on some security issues and things like that so that they will be able to provide some humanitarian assistance and did very well over there," said Davis.

Still a dangerous line of work, but Davis says for him and most who've worn the uniform their desire to serve is greater than any fear.

"Each and every day I get up I put my best foot forward and I don't think of what might go wrong, I just think of what can I do to make a difference," said Davis.

An attitude many veterans share and the reason we should thank them.

"I want to encourage all Americans to honor the veterans of the past and present. If we all can do that, I think if we all can do that, it would do the veterans great justice in the sacrifice they have made," said Davis.