ASU grad brings improv to Albany

A group practices improv techniques Saturday at 216 Broad Avenue Suit B / Ashley Knight

A young graduate from Albany State wants to share his love of the theatre with everyone in Albany.

Tosh Sevier held a gathering Saturday for anyone interested in participating in an improv-like group.

He graduated from ASU's speech and theatre department and says it helped him understand people's evolution of change and how society works.

"So I wanted to bring that to our community so we can challenge stereotypes and paradigms and how people think about things and how they've always thought about things," says Sevier.

He's also planning a flash mob for the Snickers Marathon the first weekend in March.

The group will meet again January 21st at 2:00 p.m. at 216 Broad Avenue Suit B (upstairs).

For more information you can go to his business Facebook page, Living Legend salon and there you'll find an ad for the Albany theatre troupe.

You can also call Sevier at 229-809-0467.

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