ASU getting ready for Homecoming festivities

One of the many ASU-emblazoned items that will be seen around campus during homecoming. / From file

It's one of the bigger weeks in the city of Albany. It's Albany State University's homecoming week.

"Usually the population increases about 15 to 20 thousand people during homecoming weekend," said Albany State University communications director Joseph West.

And there's a lot to do to get ready for this weekends, football game, block party, concert and of course the parade.

"It's always big and it's one of those events that takes a lot of coordination and it takes a lot of law enforcement there and it takes a lot of staff people to volunteer to make sure everything goes smoothly," said West.

Because police expect there to be a crowd of about 20,000 people attending Saturday's parade.

"We know there's to going to be a lot of people coming and we just want to make sure that everybody comes and has a good time but also remember that crime doesn't take a vacation," said ASU Police Chief John Fields.