ASU Freshman get oriented!

ASU freshman get oriented Thursday at the S.O.A.R Program / Matt Prichard

Albany State University freshman spent Thursday getting oriented to their new school and new scenery.

With college being one of the biggest adjustments for high school seniors, the ASU S.O.A.R program created a day in which those same seniors could get oriented to their new lifestyle.

"This is an opportunity for all of our new freshman and transfer students to Albany state, to really get to know our university, and to acclimate to college life," said SOAR coordinator, Sherrell Alexander.

And most students agree that not only has this day prepared them for the future, but it has opened their eyes to the opportunities available to them.

"It has different classes for different types of business. And, ASU, helps you with your future in business," said incoming freshman Jarius Bailey.

"ASU, having a black history, I want to learn more about my culture at a good school where I can research and know more about my black heritage," said incoming freshman Bevan Hawkins.

1100 incoming freshman will invade ASU for the 2012-2013 school year, a number that officials say inspired this orientation to better prepare these students for the future.