ASU expands college access

Albany State University expands college access. / From file

Albany State University has come out with a new plan to support Governor Nathan Deal's goal to graduate 250,000 Georgians by 2020. Deal's statewide initiative entitled, "Complete College Georgia" was launched last August and includes all of the state's public higher education institutions. ASU's plan will increase retention and graduation rates; and improve the midterm and final grades of students in core courses such as math, science and reading.

"We are truly excited to offer upper-level courses leading to baccalaureate degree on the Grady County campus of SWGTC. This new partnership will create more opportunities for individuals to complete college in our region. This agreement is a true testimony to the dedication both institutions have to the betterment of our local economy and accessibility of education to all Georgians," said ASU President, Dr. Everette J. Freeman.

ASU's efforts aggressively support underserved adult learners such as part-time, military and first generation students; also students with disabilities and full time workers who never completed the undergraduate degree.

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