ASU educators ~penned TM for excellence

Albany State students graduate into the field of education.

Every year Albany State University launches new teachers into the workforce and Friday the school held its very first "PENning" Ceremony to celebrate that accomplishment.

Nearly 100 education graduates attended the ceremony in the Academic Auditorium on Albany State TMs campus.

Organizers for the event decided to hold the event a day before graduation so that each student will be recognized for their hard work.

Education is a foundation for whatever people choose to do because you have to know how to interact with people, you have to know how to get along with children, you have to know how to communicate verbally and in writing. So while some of them will be the best teachers the state has ever seen, some of them may be the best at something else as well, says Dr. Kimberly King Jupiter, ASU Dean for the College of Education.

Some teachers plan to stay close to home by working in the Dougherty County School System.

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